17. July 2019

In 2009, Reginaldo Requena founded the company EBM Distribuição e Logística, organising sales and warehousing through supplier contracts with the largest retail chains in Brazil. He endeavoured in this way to achieve a consistent personalised service for his customers, one that offered high-quality products and complete process management logistics. He specialised in such products as home appliances, decorative articles, gifts, toys, electronics, cosmetics, perfumed goods and pet products. EBM had faith in the growth of its partner clients, forming an alliance with the Swiss reforestation company ShareWood Industria de Madeira in 2016. Together they established the Primewood brand, using ShareWood glue boards to create a series of household products, decorative items and bathroom accessories. Primewood products are made of humidity-resistant, pest-resistant, anti-bacterial and ecologically sound reforested teakwood. In this way, Primewood embodies the final link in the ShareWood value chain.


In an exclusive interview, Reginaldo Requena addresses questions regarding the collaboration with ShareWood:


How long has Primewood been in existence?

Primewood is a new brand launched in 2016. Through its clients, the EBM logistics company had developed a solid base of knowledge regarding market needs and products adapted to the customer. This led to the idea of producing custom home and decorative objects from wood, and so we founded Primewood. We took over the marketing rights and customer file from Fonseca Artefatos. Since ShareWood was already working with Fonseca, it was natural for us to enter into a joint venture with ShareWood to ensure our supply of high-quality teakwood raw materials. All our products without exception are manufactured from ShareWood glue boards.


What are your short-, medium- and long-term plans regarding the development of Primewood?

We have ambitious growth targets. Through EBMís clients, we have  excellent contacts to bulk purchasers like Leroy Merlin, Carrefour, Casa & ConstruÁ„o and the P„o de AÁucar Group, to name only a few. If we can achieve our growth targets, our goal is to expand the production of ShareWood glue boards. We are currently in discussions with  ShareWoodís in-country management on how this can be done. We are prepared to make the necessary investments.


How do you view Brazilís potential for market development and business?

I am very optimistic in this regard. After many years of political mismanagement, we finally have a president who will establish order and set Brazil back on the right track. Following the first few weeks of his presidency, the initial reform efforts are about to be implemented. His economics minister has the necessary expertise and the conditions to lay the foundation for our economy to flourish again. Things were especially difficult for us as a company in the last few years, since we had to bear the burden of the mismanagement. Now that this is behind us, I believe that Brazil will be operating at full blast within two years. Trust will return and investments will flow.   


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