As the owner and shareholder, you make an active contribution to protecting the environment, because every tree planted helps to improve the global carbon footprint and alleviates your conscience in the process.

Six hundred and sixty-seven teak trees absorb some 22 tonnes of CO2 per year. This is equivalent to the CO2 emissions created by driving a car for 96,000 km at a fuel consumption of 10 l/100 km.

The profit model

Wood as a commodity

A sustainable investment

Respect for the rain forest

Since we establish our plantations only on land approved by the authorities, our commercial cultivation schemes protect the rain forest.

Protecting the environment

Trees absorb CO2, so you protect the environment with your investment.

Perfect conditions

Ideal conditions in Brazil enable resource-friendly cultivation of the plantations.

Wood processing and utilisation

Wood – a versatile material

We achieve extremely high prices for our first-rate wood. Our quality label «BlueTeak» stands for plantation teak with guaranteed reforestation and sustainable cultivation.

We also manufacture high-quality furniture, accessories and industrial products, thereby covering the entire value chain.

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Ideal conditions


The soils in the Mato Grosso cultivation region are rich in nutrients, enabling resource-friendly maintenance without the addition of toxins. What is more, the region boasts considerable land reserves, promising ideal conditions for cultivation well into the future.


Our plantations are not threatened by extreme weather events such as tsunamis or hurricanes. On the contrary: ideal climactic conditions in terms of temperature and rainfall ensure stability, both for the trees and for your returns.


Thanks to the good working conditions and above-average wages we offer, our employees are always motivated and highly committed to looking after the trees. There is additional potential in the strong domestic economy, which drives demand for our products.


Wood processing factory in Cuiabá

The factory in Cuiabá was opened in 2013. In addition to ensuring independence from the international markets, it enables us to increase the depth of our value chain. As a tree owner, you benefit from a secure distribution channel.

Our glued laminated timber factory is located in Cuiabá’s industrial district. It currently employs more than 70 people in manufacturing and successfully develops new products which we sell all around the world.

We manufacture lightweight boards, terrace boards, decorative decks, furniture and accessories for global export. Our sales are also growing in Brazil itself. ShareWood develops and distribute accessories and furniture for the brand TeakTok.

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