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Buy trees in Brazil and we’ll look after them for you.

As a leading provider of tree investment schemes, we have already paid owners proceeds from wood sales 24 times since the foundation of ShareWood in 2007, with average returns of 6.0 to 8.9% IRR p.a. (as at 2019) from the renewable commodity wood.

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Investment model

The returns on an investment in wood depend on a combination of two factors:

Increase in value at
6 % per year

due to the biological tree growth.

As a natural commodity, your trees grow every year, and therefore their value keeps increasing. Natural tree growth means that the volume of wood increases regularly by up to 6 % each year.

Increase in value at
2.5 – 5 % per year

due to the rising price of wood.

Wood prices have been rising steadily for years – at a much higher pace than interest rates. Assuming a moderate increase in the price of wood of 2.5 % per annum, it could result in a net return of around 9 % per annum.


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Risk hedging

Risks and hedging

Like all natural products, trees are dependent on environmental influences. The soil composition and light and water supplies in our cultivation regions could hardly be better. Despite this, however, the wood’s value can still be affected by certain factors:

Natural growth fluctuations

Cultivation management by Swiss forestry and agriculture specialists

Natural influences

Four-year product guarantee from date of planting (teak and eucalyptus)

Wood price fluctuations

Purchase and further processing by own factory

Dependence on ShareWood

Transfer of tree ownership, provisions set aside in independent foundation

Tree species

Our tree species

Eucalyptus – a world-champion grower

In addition to teak, ShareWood also cultivates the versatile eucalyptus tree. Its advantages are that it grows rapidly, is easy to maintain and enjoys a high level of demand in Brazil itself, the country where we cultivate it. Eucalyptus plantations also perform an important environmental function: they protect the natural eucalyptus forests in Asia and Australia against further clearing.

Teak – the king of high-grade woods

Teak is one of the toughest types of wood. It is rich in natural oils and secondary plant compounds, which protect it against fungi and other pests. The above-average rubber content makes the wood water-repellent and extremely hard and durable. Thanks to these qualities, teak is in great demand all around the world, making it a safe and profitable investment.

Balsa wood – nature’s universal material

Despite weighing virtually nothing, balsa wood is a heavyweight in the timber industry. It is even used in aviation and the construction industry as a lightweight building material. Its extremely fast growth rate makes balsa wood an interesting investment for tree buyers who want to profit from their wood sales after just a few years. (Not available at the Moment)

Wood market

ShareWood – your reliable partner

The ShareWood Group is thoroughly familiar with the mechanisms of the complex wood market. Wood trading is a highly diversified field which is heavily dependent on the latest market requirements. Thanks to its global network, the ShareWood Group is able to make optimum use of all forms of trading according to demand and sell wood at the right time and the right price.


What our clients say

«To see how a plantation like this develops and how much work goes on behind the scenes – simply impressive.»

André Hug, Schaffhausen (Switzerland)

«I was particularly impressed with the option of investing my capital in an environmentally friendly way.»

Reto Camenzind, Wädenswil (Switzerland)

«The plantation concept and the way it is implemented are remarkable, from the cultivation of the plantations right through to the processing of the wood in ShareWood’s own factory.»

Torsten Hass, engineer, Nürtingen (Germany)

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