17. July 2019

Diversification is always an important issue when it comes to investments. This is also commonly termed correlation of investments. What do we mean by this? How important is the interaction of asset classes? When should you consider forest investments?


Institutional and professional investors build their portfolios using a variety of asset classes. Ideally, you should invest in a range of products to reduce risk. Real estate, funds, stocks, commodities or currencies usually develop independently of each other and, most importantly, in a different way from wood investments.


What should private investors consider?

It is important for you to stay abreast of possible investment opportunities. You can use the ìmagic triangleî of investments as a tool for setting goals for yourself. When and how much would you like to earn, and how quickly should your money be available? Investment portals and consultants are increasingly recommending that forests be included in the mix. Alexander von Franckenstein of Focam is knowledgeable about the benefits of forest investments. His view: ìForests can offer returns of 3 to 5 per cent with no correlation to stocks and bonds but with very good protection against inflationî (Franckenstein, 2013).


Your forest expert

For almost 12 years, the ShareWood Group has been profitably selling trees in Brazil to over 2,600 tree owners. The Swiss group currently owns 40 plantations on 6,500 hectares of forest in Mato Grosso, Brazil.


When will you become a tree owner? We will be happy to advise you personally if you phone us on +41 44 488 48 48. We look forward to your call.

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